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It Is Finished

It is finished
What is finished?
It is done
The grip of sin

It is time for me
To vacate this body
But only temprorary
Will my absence be
I shall return

I must suffer now
For glories to come
I must go in the ground
Before I rise
Into the sky

I chose this
I lay my life down
My betrayer’s kiss
My thorny crown

Eternity waits
My Father holds
Eternity’s weight
In His hands alone
I am known

I am forsaken
But I am not alone
My mother is here
My weak followers

Will they return?
They will return
Will I succeed?
I shall succeed
God wins

Every word I spoke
Each chain I broke
The dead I awoke
Tomorrow will seem
In vain

But in one, two, three
The hopeless will see
My true victory
My captors will flee

The fury of the Father
The justice of the Judge
The love of the Lover
The grace of God

Already, not yet
A new age begun
The many made one
My body, my temple

From this moment on
My people will reign
Over death and sin
From glory to glory

It is finished
My life on Earth
Now I begin
The path to rebirth
My children

Oh my Father
Into your hands
I commit my spirit
And all that I merit


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Blankets of Snow

Blankets of snow
Blanket for warmth
Tucked into bed
Sleep soft as a moth
Flurries of white
Seem to appear
From silver unknowns
Like Happy New Year
Windows in frost
Guardians of heat
Taking ice bribes
But warmth shall defeat
Footprints in drifts
Subzero gust
Steals my cloud breath
While salty cars rust
Winter reminds me
All I possess
Is merely protected
By trust and “God bless
Life’s sweet abundance
Like pillowy snow
Can melt into nothing
As spring’s icy flow
Don’t pile up treasure
With snow plow finesse
Of things that may glimmer
But bring only stress
Chase after Jesus
Bask in the warmth
Of heavenly glories
Eternal rewards
When winter is done
When Earth melts away
Light will remain
In unending day
Treasure of Jesus
Great joy of my soul
Descend on my heart
Like blankets of snow
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Saturdays in December

Alan walked into the bright, snowy morning. His coat, hat, and knitted gloves hugged him in cozy warmth. It was a Saturday morning in December—only nine days until Christmas! Alan enjoyed Saturdays because he got to wake up with his little brother, Ivan, and watch nature shows with their daddy. It was special to learn about strange and wonderful creatures from all parts of the world!
After a warm and filling breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, turkey bacon, and cheese omelettes, Alan’s parents liked to sit and play cards in the sunlit kitchen. While little Ivan laid down for his morning nap as joyful Christmas music filled their little house, Alan felt the boyish lure of the great outdoors.
Crisp and glowing, the two-day-old snow crunched under Alan’s black and red snow boots. Wandering happily, Alan watched a brown squirrel scamper through the yard at the sound of his presence. Excited, he pointed at its progress to safety as his daddy watched from the window. Waving to the squirrel and to his dad, Alan ran to the garage to grab his sled. Dragging his favorite yellow sled by its scratchy brown string, he lumbered up a little hill and climbed on for the ride. Down the hill he scooted, feeling the tickle of the air breeze past him. Alan liked sledding in the snow, but soon he felt the back yard calling with its giant oak and hickory trees waving in the sun.
Alan journeyed from the little hill and around the house. He found his wooden swing set with its bright yellow slide waiting right where he had left it. After one swooping ride down the slide, he hopped on a swing and pumped, pumped, pumped his legs up into the chilly air! Alan loved snowy Saturday mornings. He was thankful for family time, for yummy food, for warm snow clothes, and for hot lime tea to sip when the world outside was cold.
Tomorrow, Alan would remember to take down the paper rings from the Christmas tree and tear off one more. That would leave only one ring! The rings were from his Sunday school teacher to count down the weeks until Christmas. Could it really be that Christmas was in only nine days? Alan knew that nine was not very many, and he wanted to tell his mommy. But when he looked up from his book he saw that she had drifted silently to sleep on the sofa. He would have to tell her later.
Saturdays were great days for the whole family! That night in bed, Alan thanked Jesus for special days together. And most of all, he thanked Jesus for Christmas, a time to celebrate the coming of a Savior.
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The Father’s Love [A Marriage Charge]

The Father’s love
    is deep, so strong
That even sin
    cannot out power
Though pain is real
    and life is long
God’s love is true
    expelling lies
It strengthens hearts
    to trust and pray
When feelings rage
    and hearts despise
Forgiving love
    redeeming love
Replaces wrath
    with grace and hope
Oh love of God
    gift from above
If love was kept
    by strength or wiles
It could not last
    for we are weak
But love endures
    outlasting trials
So in this marriage
    ordained by God
May Jesus’ love
    forever grow
Each day, each year
    in fertile sod
Now live this love
    Christ sanctifies
So always trust
    His sovereign hand
Grow deep in faith
    that never dies
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When the Cold Didn’t Feel So Cold – A Poem

A little boy in a wonderland

Of snow and ice with bright red hands

‘Cause he forgot to wear his gloves

Though his momma told him to keep them on


Throwing snowballs and building walls

Climbing up a drift at least 6 feet tall 

He didn’t notice his freezing hands 

Until warm inside after the fun was had


Oh I remember when the cold didn’t feel so cold


The boy grew tall and he made his plans

Of what he could do with his grownup hands

He fell in love and he held her close

He promised he would never let her go


But after 13 years he let her down

So she took the kids and they left town

And he cried alone with an empty glass

No one to hold him but a drafty house


And he remembered when the cold didn’t feel so cold


After he finally found his knees 

Though he’d tried to stand by his own will

He’d lost it all chasing empty thrills

Until his eyes were opened and he found true joy

Now looking back as an aging man

He tells his grandson what he understands

About a life well lived and mending broken hearts

About God’s love and grace to restart


He reaches down with wrinkled hands

And shapes a ball of fresh white snow

It takes him back about 60 years

And he thanks the Lord for what he feels


‘Cause once again—in his heart and on his hands—

He remembers that the cold doesn’t feel so cold

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Fight You


Here I am in the dark night of the soul
Here I am in the blackness of depression
Here I am and I tried to run away
Here I am and a like a rebel tried to take control

But I don’t want to fight you tonight
I just want to follow and let you take the lead
So I’m not gonna fight you tonight
Instead I’m gonna trust you and let you carry me

Here I am in the dark night of temptation
But I remember that you will never tempt me
There you are the rock of my salvation
There you are and you never leave, so Jesus carry me

So I don’t want to fight you tonight
I just want to follow and let you take the lead
No I’m not gonna fight you tonight
Instead I’m gonna trust you and let you carry me

The light of the world is Jesus
The light of the world is Jesus
No one cares for me like Jesus
No one thrills my soul like Jesus


Image Source: https://photographyinpatmos.com/2016/04/15/%CF%84he-magic-of-light/ 

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Hope for Peace


Oh Father

in Heaven

I believe I am your child

Oh Master

of mercy

You’re my only hope for peace

Dear Maker

my Savior

Why do I go on so wild?

so unthankful

so unkind

Why do I spurn Your hand?

Oh humble


Please correct my disease

This sickness

that weakens

My love for your commands

My flesh

the culprit

But I feed its wily lies

Oh Lover

of my soul

Your faithfulness attends

To this world

to my heart

When in faithlessness I cry

Oh grant me


Lord, bless me with strong faith

Oh gracious


You’re my only hope for peace

photo credit: https://shelovescolorado.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/img_8709.jpg?w=750&h=500