…stories and poetry to touch, teach, & turn the heart toward truth.

Writer’s Block


The words didn’t come

If they came, the time wasn’t there

If there was time, the desire was gone

If there was desire, there was something else to be done

“I’ll try again tomorrow”


Author: Clayton from tales2apoint

Stories and poetry to teach, touch, & turn hearts to truth. I love God, my wife, & others. I'm indebted to their love.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

    • Thanks Karen! The Lord is working in me right now, and for some reason it’s not translating into words. I can’t wait until I feel ready to start tearing into those stories I’m working on again! I submitted a few of my poems to a poetry magazine, and I think the suspense of waiting for a response is affecting me too. I’m trying not to let it eat away at me, but it sure feels like such a risk letting someone else decide if what I’ve written is “good enough.” I just need to keep remembering that it’s all the Lord’s and He will use it as He sees fit.

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