…stories and poetry to touch, teach, & turn the heart toward truth.

Moments of Unparalleled Sequence 1

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Out of experience comes understanding. Out of understanding comes a greater experience.

He wanted to. That was all. He wanted to. Did he need a better reason? He didn’t want a better reason. He didn’t think so. So, he didn’t think…

He didn’t want to. While he longed to know what it was like, he didn’t want to know its consequences. He wanted a simulation—life without consequences, only with experiences.

Experiences without consequences don’t make for experience.

{This is part one of six…keep reading for part two! I will post the whole story as one post after all the parts have been posted.}


Author: Clayton from tales2apoint

Stories and poetry to teach, touch, & turn hearts to truth. I love God, my wife, & others. I'm indebted to their love.

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