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True Healing’s Truth


Trust me with all,

I won’t tell a soul.

Tell me your secrets,

I want to know you.

Let down your guard,

Don’t let fear control.

Open your arms,

Let love trickle through.

Like white birds in snow,

Don’t let truth elude.

You might never know,

You missed what was true.

A tree without leaves,

You’re caught in the nude.

Your life signs are veiled.

I’ll chisel your bark,

For life hid within,

For love to reveal.

Your heart isn’t dead!

For true love it grieves.

The truth you can win,

Would cover your skin.

The rays of green spring,

Could warm you all through.

‘Neath love’s gentle sun,

Your heart could embark,

And never turn back,

To fall like cold snow.

Open your hands.

Let go of the lies.

You’ll be ready soon,

For true healing’s truth.

Life’s not about you.

This freedom is true.