…stories and poetry to touch, teach, & turn the heart toward truth.


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Men and women of great faith

Are daily rending lives to death

For a God Whose love is shown

From mercy found in last pained breath

To mercy found in Christ’s sweet rest.

Evil men who live for hate

Pursue these guiltless souls to kill

Serving dreams that cannot live

All those who bow to Christ they still

All those who stand for what is good

How can such injustice thrive—

This ignorance to what is right?

Why does sin and pride so blind

To trick the mind that dark is light,

To punish faithfulness as crime?

Ev’ry day their numbers grow,

Though countless live whose hearts aren’t roused

About their endless suff’ring.

Across the plastic west are doused

The flames to fuel fires of faith.

Let me follow still in life

Faith for which the martyr dies.

Let my heart resolve to love

The God of grace, above sin’s lies—

The Name of God to glorify.


Author: Clayton from tales2apoint

Stories and poetry to teach, touch, & turn hearts to truth. I love God, my wife, & others. I'm indebted to their love.

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