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The Tempted and the Triumph



The tempter tells us we are kings,

Then rules us with his lies.

The tempter tells us he is right,

But contradicts the wise.

The tempter hides to rape our hearts,

Where no one hears our cries.

The tempter knows our weakest points,

Sin’s drippings tantalize.


The tempter pays the prostitutes,

Who dance before our eyes.

The tempter sings those wooing songs,

That bid us fantasize.

The tempter dictates tales we love,

The books that each one buys.

The tempter’s cages trap our minds,

He hoards his growing prize.


The tempter flaunts our broken past,

Like rot attracting flies.

The tempter loves to reminisce,

To tighten shameful ties.

The tempter rushes us toward death,

To meet our long demise.

The tempter will ensure our pain,

And end will not arise.


The tempter only fears one man,

The One who made the skies.

The tempter cannot trample Him,

But through our sin he tries.

The tempter will one day see Hell,

And with him each that dies.

Oh tempted one, your hope for life,

Is Christ in Whom we rise.


Oh tempted one, depart from sin,

Repent as I apprise!

Oh tempted one, come find with me,

A strength to exercise.

Oh tempted one, we can say “No,”

Despite temptations’ size.

The tempter must submit to God,

And unveil sin’s disguise.


Oh tempted ones, let us be strong,

The tempter to despise.

The tempter’s forces won’t withstand,

The chant of truth’s reprise.

From tempted ones to warriors strong,

The dying world advise.

The tempter’s strength grows weaker;

Darkness falls when light defies.


Author: Clayton from tales2apoint

Stories and poetry to teach, touch, & turn hearts to truth. I love God, my wife, & others. I'm indebted to their love.

11 thoughts on “The Tempted and the Triumph

  1. This is a truly wonderful poem that illustrates the realm of good and evil….Thank you & God Bless ♥

  2. Very well done! Just as I was feeling the tension of too much emphasis on the tempter and the sin, you resolved it beautifully. You do a fine job of pricking the conscience and then showing the solution. I admire a well structured poem. They aren’t easy to pull off, but this one is strengthened by its meter, rhyme and structure.

    • Wow, I deeply appreciate your competent and encouraging feedback! It was exciting to see the end result of this poem, because I saw little to no finished product as I was writing it. The conclusion and structure just came on their own, it seemed. It is a privilege to read it and know that God used me to share His truth with others, in spite of my brokenness.

  3. This would be an excellent piece to turn into a narrative series if you so desired. You already have the parts all divvied up, and it would be a matter of filling it with more detail. Beautiful writing and message.

    • Thanks for the feedback and for exploring my work! My thoughts went to this piece as well, though I’m quite content with its current state as well. The struggle between good and evil, wrong and right flows deeply from within me, so I think it would be a sensible topic for me to explore in a narrative. At the same time, I’m feeling the draw to something more light-hearted. I guess we will just have to see what arises!

  4. Thanks for making me aware of your poem.

    Human beings evolved to be curious and explore, in fact this is the way of most animals and plants. It is through this curiosity that humans become tempted to explore hidden and dangerous ways, despite the fear mongering of church elders, and through this exploration we have great things like internet, medicine and cars. Had humanity listened to the fearful voice of the Christian authorities hunger, sickness and climate would kill many lives. An example is the plague that was a curse that often destroyed near half of a city population in a stroke over its reign, has been nearly conquered through the curiosity and exploration of man who was tempted to find reasons, cures and preventions for such a harsh disease.

    Those who through fear stop exploring, stop being curious, stop being tempted to go beyond their boundaries live to become stagnant, unhappy and limited. Satan offers the apple, a choice to become more than the unhappy humanity that the powerful would like the population to become.

    • If this is your present understanding of history and godliness, I am sorry to say that you do not understand God or the Bible.

      You also do not understand the beauty and freedom I experience as a child of God. It is true that by being satisfied in Christ, I may find myself less desperate for things of the world such as you mentioned above; however, I use, appreciate, and support the development of such advancements. As a simple study of history can show, many societal advancements have come about through the work of godly people.

      Please do not use corrupt institutions of empty religion as your example of true followers of God (the dark histories of Catholicism, Mormonism, and other religious cults). What I follow is the teachings of God as preserved through the Bible.

      A careful study of “Christian” history will show countless people who acted selfishly & corruptly (by following the tempter). It will also show loving, intelligent, world-changers who served God with selfless abandon. They have and continue to make the world a better place for all.

    • When I speak of temptation, I do not speak of the desire to discover change. I speak of sin. Perhaps my poem was vague in that way. When I speak of “the books that each one buys,” I don’t mean all books. I mean books filled with perversion for the purpose of distracting from good things, like saving others. So much of our world is filled with books that have little purpose more than to entertain sexual fantasies or lead people to laziness and dysfunction. There are myriads of good books that SHOULD be read and learned from, for the betterment of all. That is just one example of what I mean when I speak of the tempter’s control over sinful humans.

  5. Also, many of the advancement in medicine and science were made by God-fearing Christians. And many of our founding fathers were ministers of the Gospel. Oh, and don’t forget that baptist preacher who ended up leading the civil rights movement.

  6. I found this poem from the website “Satanview.” I did a post “Break Free Today!” on my website, and of which Satanview had responded. Hence I replied to the comment explaining my position regarding the devil and Christianity. Great poem. Love it. Keep working for Jesus, just the same way Satan has his followers working for him. God bless you.

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