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It Is Finished

It is finished
What is finished?
It is done
The grip of sin

It is time for me
To vacate this body
But only temprorary
Will my absence be
I shall return

I must suffer now
For glories to come
I must go in the ground
Before I rise
Into the sky

I chose this
I lay my life down
My betrayer’s kiss
My thorny crown

Eternity waits
My Father holds
Eternity’s weight
In His hands alone
I am known

I am forsaken
But I am not alone
My mother is here
My weak followers

Will they return?
They will return
Will I succeed?
I shall succeed
God wins

Every word I spoke
Each chain I broke
The dead I awoke
Tomorrow will seem
In vain

But in one, two, three
The hopeless will see
My true victory
My captors will flee

The fury of the Father
The justice of the Judge
The love of the Lover
The grace of God

Already, not yet
A new age begun
The many made one
My body, my temple

From this moment on
My people will reign
Over death and sin
From glory to glory

It is finished
My life on Earth
Now I begin
The path to rebirth
My children

Oh my Father
Into your hands
I commit my spirit
And all that I merit