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lest I should lust
and enlarge the list
of all that I’ve lost
in the loop of sin,
I must trust at last
in the love of my Lord
in his loyal liberation
of my flesh from its fits


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My Heavy Heart Is Free

It is a true blessing for me to share this poem, as it was written by 16-year-old sister, Courtney. I hope it blesses you as it does me!




The Wedding

Preparations careful,

All intentions clear—

Anxiety is building;

Behind it follows fear.

What does the future hold?

What will tomorrow bring?

Does love tarnish like the gold

Of virgin’s shining ring?

The bridesmaids flutter busily

All must be just so.

The groomsmen saunter lazily

Grinning as they go.

This day has been prepared

With vast anticipation.

The guests arrive with giddiness.

Each usher mans his station.

Gifts are brought to start things off—

Necessities supplied,

Splurges too, desired by

The dream-inspired bride.

Vows are made to last a life.

The time has fin’lly come.

Years to follow, joy and strife—

Two becoming one.

The softest touch will leave entranced

The twosome all impassioned.

Their hands tight clasped,

Their eyes deep fastened,

Hearts pulsing like a river.

Dreams are coming true.

The mothers’ eyes soft tears deliver—

Happiness shines through.

As with all the days ‘til now,

Tomorrow soon will come.

Two singles as one couple bow

Until their days are done.


Everything You Want

The God you need

Is everything you want

What you find in Him

Is what you have been seeking

Unfailing Love

Unspeakable Joy

Perfect Peace

Comforting Papa

Eternal Patience

Eternal Life

The kindest Goodness

The noblest King

Fulfilling Faith,

Faithful Fulfillment

Gentleness, Justice


Freedom from failures

Freedom to live

See the clouds parting

from His dwelling place

Repent and be humbled

Accept this brilliant gift

Ascend the hopeful heights

That rise into God’s glory

Begin where you stand now

He’ll join you in the valley

Rightness is an upward slope

With crevices between

Fear death no more

Embrace life fully

The God you need

Is everything you want

What you find in Him

Is what you have been seeking


Real Love Is Not Afraid to Grow

The gentle rain holds steady,

like the mercy of your heart.

Your faithful love sings softly,

as I rest in tender arms.

Your grace is what astounds me,

for I know where it was found.

Because God has loved you fully,

your love grows in depth untold.

You forgive me when I’m selfish,

your gaze soft upon my shame.

You confess when you have wronged me,

follow gladly where I lead.

Your compassion still confounds me,

but I know Who taught you love.

Because God forgave us fully,

our love grows in spite of storms.