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The Heart & Mind Connection

There is a direct

correlation between

your heart and mind.

What we allow

into our minds

is what we desire.

Do you desire

what you know

is wrong and unholy?

There is a reason

for this dilemma

of conflicting priorities.

If we want

to change

our hearts’ output,

We must first

make changes

to the input.

A heart


by Christ’s salvation

Will be a mind


to beautiful holiness.



Stop Asking and Just Ask

How can you seek forgiveness,

If you don’t know who you’ve wronged?

How can you seek salvation,

If you don’t know you’re inĀ danger?

How can you be unhappy,

If all you’ve sought is happiness?

How can you feel empty,

If you’re always filling up your heart?

How can you find fulfillment,

If nothing you’ve tried can satisfy?

How can you find the answers,

If you haven’t asked the questions?

How can you ask the questions,

If you don’t want to hear the answers?

How can you find God,

If you endlessly avoid His beckoning?

How long will you wait?

If you want to find God’sĀ grace,

Why don’t you just ask?