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Walk on in You

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In light of the grace I received

In light of the faith I believed

I will walk on

In spite of the pain I may feel

In spite of what doubt may conceal

I know that Your Word will reveal all truth

So I will walk on in You


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Men and women of great faith

Are daily rending lives to death

For a God Whose love is shown

From mercy found in last pained breath

To mercy found in Christ’s sweet rest.

Evil men who live for hate

Pursue these guiltless souls to kill

Serving dreams that cannot live

All those who bow to Christ they still

All those who stand for what is good

How can such injustice thrive—

This ignorance to what is right?

Why does sin and pride so blind

To trick the mind that dark is light,

To punish faithfulness as crime?

Ev’ry day their numbers grow,

Though countless live whose hearts aren’t roused

About their endless suff’ring.

Across the plastic west are doused

The flames to fuel fires of faith.

Let me follow still in life

Faith for which the martyr dies.

Let my heart resolve to love

The God of grace, above sin’s lies—

The Name of God to glorify.

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Where Is God in Your Pain?


When you hurt with loss

In terror’s grip reside

When bitterness has grown

When evil reigns with greed

The messenger of hope

Is ambushed by regret

The souls you cannot lose

Have gone outside your reach

When life seems far too hard

Where is God in your pain?

When love replaces loss

And justice conquers fear

When hates have been forgot

When good redeems the dread

When hope is found again

To never have been lost

The human love you mourned

Is loosed to soothing grace

When hardships are endured

There is God in your pain.

When wisdom opens eyes

To see what pride conceals

When sin and guilt are lost

Mistakes brought to the light

When truth defeats deceit

Humanity sees change

When words of ancient fact

Have been remembered so

When self-control is loved

There is God in your pain

Bring forth your rebuttal.

Assert God’s tyranny.

Denounce the truest love

That teaches consequence.

You think you disprove God

By cursing in His name;

But are you hurting less?

Does your cause bring you joy?

If God does not exist,

Then why do you feel pain?

Good understanding produces favor,

 But the way of the treacherous is hard.

 Proverbs 13:15

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

For further reading, see Ephesians 2:1-10 and Romans 1:16-32.

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Story of Hope, Chapter 5 – part 1

Nina was growing. She was three inches taller than when she’d last hugged her father. Her mind was filled with truths that completely redefined her view of the world. Her heart was filled with emotions that she had never experienced in such extremes before. She was becoming familiar with emotions like hate and bitterness. The spite she held against her mother grew each day. At the same time, new emotions of attraction and desire were beginning to bud in her bosom about a boy, named Jamin, who was taking up more and more of her thoughts.

Nina was changing. She’d experienced more of life’s rugged truths in the last year, than in the rest of her life. It hurt.

Life had never felt so heavy, so sad, as it did right now. Her heart hurt. She was bearing a burden for her mother that she should never have been expected to bear. It wasn’t right. Her mother wasn’t right.

Nina wasn’t right. She was starting to wonder what right was these days.

Ever since that night in the dingy shadows of a broken lamppost, she’d been different. How was she going to keep living like this? How would she survive? Even the things that she’d once loved to do seemed like a challenge. She couldn’t focus. She couldn’t function properly. Everything was too hard. Even eating was a chore.

Nina tossed the fresh apple she’d just bought to the ground. She chided herself for being so wasteful, but what was the use? Who would know? Who would care?

It was market day again, and Nina had left with two wrinkled potatoes, some rubbery, wilted cabbage, and a half-eaten apple. Jamin wasn’t at his stand this week, just his uncle, Nathan. Nina had been too distracted by herself to even notice Nathan watching her–between helping his customers–trying to catch her eye. He was a kind man, she knew, but she had little interest in talking to anyone this morning. She wasn’t even sure if Jamin could have cheered her up this morning.

That thought made her want to cry. What was wrong with her? Jamin was the sweetest, kindest person she’d ever met! If there was one person in this filthy world that could make her smile it would be him, but it didn’t matter anyway. He wasn’t there. She wouldn’t see him for at least another week, and even if he did come to the market next Saturday, he would be too busy to spend any time with her.

Nina had reached her home now, but didn’t want to go in. She left her basket inside the front gate, and kept on walking down the block. She didn’t care where she went, as long as it wasn’t back to that house.


The voice jumped into her thoughts so suddenly, that it caused her body to jump too. She looked up with chills, into the eyes of her father.

“My gracious, child,” he exclaimed, holding his hands wide, “I hardly recognized you! You’re all grown up!” His arms were around her then, and she squeezed him back with all of her might.

He let go too quickly, but she stepped back anyway and looked up into his eyes. He seemed lower to the ground now than he used to, and she realized then just how much she really had grown. Her heart swelled up into her throat, and she could feel the tears coming back, but this time they were at least partly happy tears.

“Oh my, don’t cry, dear.” His eyes filled with concern, and he pulled her close again. She recognized the familiar smell of him, as she cried against his shoulder, and it filled her with such emotion that her quiet tears turned into sobs. He just held her then, and she was thankful that he didn’t ask her why she was crying or what was wrong with her. He was always so understanding.

“I am so glad you’re home, Daddy.” She whispered, and he squeezed her tighter.