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Walk on in You

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In light of the grace I received

In light of the faith I believed

I will walk on

In spite of the pain I may feel

In spite of what doubt may conceal

I know that Your Word will reveal all truth

So I will walk on in You


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Pursuing Solace

Picture of a sunrise over the sandstone mountains of Saxony, Germany

With ecstasy of highest thought,
Bequeath on me true peace.

Unlike the hopes that end in naught,
Bring joy exempting cease.

Great Maker, grant completeness sought–
Still solace, lacking crease.

Instruct this tort’rous husk infleshed
To cherish what You’ve wisely taught.

As slave of You, the kindest King,
For freedom in You I’ve been bought.

Though truth is hazed in visage meshed,
In scand’lous rapture I am caught.

As flame ‘neath sun, the dark is lost.
Righteous blaze, Love’s paid Death’s cost.

Deep rest, as lulled infant, envelopes my lot–
Delivered, enraptured, contentedness brought.