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We Are the Future

My friends and brothers

My children’s children

We are the future.

Impoverishment may come

Oppression may strike hard

We fear the future.

We are the creation of God

He has called us to love Him

We serve the future.

Tomorrow is not promised

Your journey is not known

We know the future.

Don’t stop seeking your purpose

Find true life in God’s commands

We need the future.

Though untold sadness may arise

There is hope we must not forget

We have the future.

Join with me to see a better world

After this world has passed away

We love the future.


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Haiku #8

What good would light do

If there weren’t endless colors

To reflect its beams?



Drafted by the winds of change

These orphaned leaflets float

Clumped in clusters weakly knit

Tight clasping calloused hands


Severed harsh from loving arms

Like budding branches torn

When stormy auburn winds attack

A tattered sycamore


For fertile soil never felt

Their tiny souls aspire

Though all around them stone and thorn

Choke out the bravest hope


Born in silent, careless night

These leaflets green and fresh

Are quickly browning dry to death

Who will their rescue be?

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The Rain is Coming

Corn Sprouts

The clouds are dark

The wind is rising

The rain is coming

Do we need more?

The wind is rising

I hear the thunder

Do we need more?

The air is cooling

I hear the thunder

Dust clouds form

The air is cooling

The corn is sprouting

Dust clouds form

The clouds are dark

The corn is sprouting

The rain is coming

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The Pull Switch

Shuffling sideways, you slip silently between the wall and the refrigerator into a small room you never guessed was there. Reaching out by memory, you find a naked light hanging down, down from the twelve foot ceiling. Beside the socket—-where many a bulb has hung before—-there dangles a small pull switch.

Dirtied with grime by literal hands of time, this small switch holds a story all its own. How many fingers have reached up and blindly pulled it? How many eyes have been illuminated by the sudden light? How many stories could each hand tell, if hands could speak rather than touch?

Even here, the truths of history are whispered. Life is so much more than just right now. How we came to where we are speaks of where we are going. What we do with our lives will be remembered into the future. Not even the pull of a small bell-shaped light switch can escape the consequences of time.