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Hope for Peace


Oh Father

in Heaven

I believe I am your child

Oh Master

of mercy

You’re my only hope for peace

Dear Maker

my Savior

Why do I go on so wild?

so unthankful

so unkind

Why do I spurn Your hand?

Oh humble


Please correct my disease

This sickness

that weakens

My love for your commands

My flesh

the culprit

But I feed its wily lies

Oh Lover

of my soul

Your faithfulness attends

To this world

to my heart

When in faithlessness I cry

Oh grant me


Lord, bless me with strong faith

Oh gracious


You’re my only hope for peace

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Of tasks and trials

of temples and temptations

of timelines and to-do lists

I am weary, weary


Oh, God, I’m tired

I want to do well again

I want to excel and win

But I am just so weary