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The Tempted and the Triumph


The tempter tells us we are kings,

Then rules us with his lies.

The tempter tells us he is right,

But contradicts the wise.

The tempter hides to rape our hearts,

Where no one hears our cries.

The tempter knows our weakest points,

Sin’s drippings tantalize.


The tempter pays the prostitutes,

Who dance before our eyes.

The tempter sings those wooing songs,

That bid us fantasize.

The tempter dictates tales we love,

The books that each one buys.

The tempter’s cages trap our minds,

He hoards his growing prize.


The tempter flaunts our broken past,

Like rot attracting flies.

The tempter loves to reminisce,

To tighten shameful ties.

The tempter rushes us toward death,

To meet our long demise.

The tempter will ensure our pain,

And end will not arise.


The tempter only fears one man,

The One who made the skies.

The tempter cannot trample Him,

But through our sin he tries.

The tempter will one day see Hell,

And with him each that dies.

Oh tempted one, your hope for life,

Is Christ in Whom we rise.


Oh tempted one, depart from sin,

Repent as I apprise!

Oh tempted one, come find with me,

A strength to exercise.

Oh tempted one, we can say “No,”

Despite temptations’ size.

The tempter must submit to God,

And unveil sin’s disguise.


Oh tempted ones, let us be strong,

The tempter to despise.

The tempter’s forces won’t withstand,

The chant of truth’s reprise.

From tempted ones to warriors strong,

The dying world advise.

The tempter’s strength grows weaker;

Darkness falls when light defies.



The Monster and His Nemisis

I have come to the knowledge

that something much like a monster

lurks behind the niceties of my civil facade.

It is hungry.

It feeds on my fears and false desires.

It longs to twist my hopes

like tattered shards of ragged cotton.

Its nourishment are the secrets I hold deep inside

–too deep to expose.

I am tormented day and night

by this dark churning inside my head.

This voracious animal hungers for my heart.

It wants to swallow me whole,

until it devours my very soul.

It nips away at my thoughts

until it convinces me that it holds the true reality.

It lies to me.

It tells me that I am in control.

It hums sick lullabies of disillusionment

into the gullible ears of my selfish ego.

It lies to me.

It says lust is the most important desire I have.

It is lust itself.

Its bottomless stomach churns with the bile of regret,

waiting to spew its most bitter, anguishing consequences

all over the beauty I hold most sacred.

All it wants of me is that slight, imperceivable nod of permission

somewhere deeper inside me than the eye of my mind can see.

It hardly waits for approval before it jumps in and takes over the ride.

For too long

–far, far too long–

I have given it its way.

I have let it take over deep inside.

I have surrendered,

almost to the point of letting myself believe it was God!

I have forgotten where it started from,

where it wants to take me,

and I have nibbled on the lie of self-gratification,

until I nearly believed it was good for me.

I play the fool much too easily,

when I auditioned for the part of the wise man.

I was cast to play the righteous man,

but spend so much time shadowing the wicked man

that I come close enough to being him,

even I don’t recognize myself.

Father, forgive me again.

Help me to win.

Send the monster back home.

Don’t let my spirit roam.

I am Christ’s workmanship.