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Don’t Dismiss What You Misunderstand…


Anyone brash enough

to deny the existence of God,

either in the explicitness of tongue

or in the implicity of lifestyle

–or both–,

has not yet defined

–or at least accurately defined–

Who God is.

Any lucid human being

who has allowed himself

to fully encounter

the true definition of all that God is

–much of which is self-evident–

has little choice

but to admit his human insufficiencies

in comparison to God

and his need

–longing even–

for God’s divine workings

to grant unto him

the staggering freedom he desires

from a mortality

which plagues each heart

indefinitely and persistently.

The existence of God

is not only written on each heart,

but also is the desire

for that which God’s grace is prepared

to endow upon those humble enough to accept it

—forgiveness and reconciliation

with a relational,



and just God



and Intimate Companion).



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Where We Line Up in the Course of Things…

I am the microscopic speck in the smallest pore of the small rock.

The small rock is the incredible legacy of love created by those who have gone before me and live around me.

The larger rock is the faith on which we stand.

The bottom rock is the Cornerstone of our faith–the Lord Jesus Himself.

Everything else is the incredible universe He created in which we dwell.

What an incredibly insufficient analogy.

What an astoundingly perfect God!